May 25, 2022

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk Presents Tesla’s new Humanoid Robot Optimus and Says it is About to go Into Production

  1. Mircowave power for electric power was done already in 1970’s power over one mile distance. Mircowave can venerate 30000kw power beamed to receiver to produce electric power. Any one could power they homes for free using basic Mircowave disk and receiver to power home or car or airplane. Also a spacecraft to orbit and to Mars in 30 hours.

  2. Number this is a horrible idea these robots can be hacked and turned in mercenarys. number two eventually the program would or could see humans as a true danger to the earth or its development or missions which could be preprogrammed by all sorts of people. There’s so much wrong with his plans to create robots like this and yes ai and can be programmed to harm humans there is nothing preventing anything I’ve said from coming true.we are biting off more then we can chew.the only use I could see them used for is space exploration but yet again what would stop the robots from building on another planted or building a type of space station.these are all very real scenarios not a Hollywood tin foil hat bum thought.elon needs to stop his tesla vehicles are also hackable and can be overcharged then driven remotely like a missile then discharged to cause an explosion.this is a huge risk to humanity.

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