May 18, 2024

9 thoughts on “The US Military’s Naval Research Laboratory Transmits Electricity Wirelessly Using Microwaves Over Long Distances

    1. When tesla.died, the government confiscated all and only now are they able to understand it so they can procure it . I am disappointed that no real mention is made of Teslas involvement or proprietary ownership.

  1. So the US DoD is implementing the technology they confiscated after Tesla died and keeping it for themselves, while the rest of us rot. Awesome.

  2. They transmitted 1.6kW. But at which efficiency? In other words, if thst 1.6kW was received, how many kilowatts they must send out? Or if they beam out 1.6kW, how much from that amount was captured?
    Microwave beam loosing energy when traveling through Earth atmosphere, as water molecules absorb significant portion of that energy. That’s principle of heating in microwave oven, even in different frequency.
    So this news is meaningless without further details. Nice experiment, but most likely not practical for everyday use.

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